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January 21, 2014
by tlpsart

Still Practicing

I began this blog back in December 2009. I think it might hold some sort of record for the “Slowest to get going” category in Blog History. I have come a long way in my ICT journey since I rushed into making it in a fit of frustration so long ago. I have maintained  our original Visual Arts @Taylors Lakes Primary School Blog which has had over 50,000 visitors.  I have tried various incentives to encourage students to visit the blog , play the games and make blog comments but it seems to be a slow road to travel.  If we  further developed encouragement for the use of Learning Technologies in  all classrooms throughout our school I predict we would find our students and School Community would become increasingly engaged in  their learning and develop increased Global awareness.

How can we help develop Global awareness in our Primary students?

–   Staff Professional Development – Read such articles as this one from The Guardian.

– Whole School Theme – e.g. “Where on Earth are we?” for a Semester running as a background to the  AusVELS themes we need to cover.

–  Use of  existing websites and Apps to explore countries e.g. Google Maps

– Encourage and recognize the use of Class websites and blogs –  Edublogs and Weebly are great starting points and we should encourage blog reading and  good quality  blog commenting.

– Cultural/ International Day  – dress up, international foods, games, displays of student projects, decorated classrooms etc. 

We say we should raise Global awareness in our students at the start of each school year. In 2014 let’s ” Just Do It”.

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