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I was born in Bendigio, Victoria, Australia and attended a 13 student Rural School, Muskerry East Primary. I grew up on a sheep and wheat farm 35 miles from Bendigo. There was no High School nearby so I was sent as  a boarder to Girton CEGGS in Bendigo for my seconday Schooling. I trained at Bendigo and Coburg Teachers Colleges  before beginning teaching in Melbourne at Preston North East Primary School in 1975. I taught a variety of Primary classes at several different Western Suburbs schools before beginning Art teaching in 1986. I am currently in my 26th year of teaching Visual Arts and my 24th year at Taylors Lakes Primary School  which is in outer  north-west Melbourne, Australia. I am married with three children and outside teaching am a keen member of Rotary International. Besides my passion for Art I have keen interests in photography, travel and in Learning Technologies. In the photograph I am on the right, receiving my Thirty Five Year Award from Katherine Henderson who was  our North West Metropolitan Regional Director of Education.

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