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Here’s to a great New Year


Time seems to have flown since  I began this blog back in 2009. Maybe that’s because one blog is a lot to manage let alone two. My aim was to share all the wonderful  Web Tools I was discovering. This year I am resolving to add at least an entry per week. That should give us 40 great Web Tools, Apps or links to use in our learning. During the time which stood still in this blog and I was busy with our Visual Arts Blog others were busily adding enormous lists of resources. One of my aims is to direct readers  to them via posts or the Blogroll.
Today I am suggesting a visit to Larry Ferlazzo’s Best Of Website and then on to his ideas for What to do on the First Day of School. I hope you find some valuable ideas and possibly follow Larry on Twitter as I do.


Author: tlpsart

I was born in Bendigio, Victoria, Australia and attended a 13 student Rural School, Muskerry East Primary. I was a boarder at Girton CEGGS in Bendigo for my seconday Schooling. I trained at Bendigo and Coburg Teachers Colleges before beginning teaching in Melbourne in 1975. I taught a variety of Primary classes before beginning Art teaching in 1986. I am currently in my 28th year of teaching Visual Arts and my 25th year at Taylors Lakes Primary School which is in outer north-west Melbourne, Australia. I am married with three children and outside teaching am a keen member of Rotary International. Besides my passion for Art I have keen interests in photography, travel and in Learning Technologies.

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